Client Testimonials

“What a wonderful Reiki experience! It brought me to many beautiful places of self discovery and made me realize how much more there is to explore about Reiki. The course was a real journey with its own rhythm and beauty, filled with guidance and freedom to question. The teaching style was both very informative and inspiring. Very fulfilling! I feel I have received a great foundation for my future spiritual path as well as excellent base for teaching. Thank you Jan.”

M.J. • Reiki III Master/Teacher Training, London March 2012

“Hope this finds you well! I am continuously feeling the amazing gift of Reiki and grateful for our encounter and your wonderful teaching!”

T.L. • Reiki I, March 2012, London

“No idea how this works. But it works. Felt a positive shift immediately after the first Reiki session with Jan.” she truly has green fingers and healing hands. Thank you.

H.V. • November 2011 London

“I am sure that I am not the first or the last to make a step of transformation in your presence.”

J.R. • Charlottesville, Virginia

“I just need to tell you again what an oasis of peace and openness and safety you provided for me my first ever Reiki session…I had no idea whatsoever I would be so fragile emotionally. Was a surprise to me… just responding to your kind manner and hearing deeply the words you used. I believe you ARE a natural at this. The world needs you. I was in quite good form afterward and floated around the area before going home. Thanks thanks thanks!”

L.F. • Charlottesville, Virginia

“If I could feel this way all the time I think I could achieve anything!”

H.C. • Parsons Green, London

“Jan, I wanted to thank you for my Reiki treatment and to tell you how much better I felt after it. I had had a nasty fall the day before visiting you and had saved myself with my left hand, my wrist had been very sore and the whole of my left arm ached, after my treatment I had no pain in my wrist at all, all the aching had gone and I felt centred and relaxed. This was the first time I had had Reiki and was very impressed, thanks again.”

J.B. • Richmond, England

“Jan, Thank you for such a fantastic Reiki treatment you gave me. Before the treatment I was very low in spirit, confused and ungrounded, however, after the treatment I felt balanced, grounded and energised, ready to face the world. I also want to thank you for the after support and advice you gave me, it was definitely a big boost and a beneficial aspect to the Reiki treatment. I would recommend anyone to give Reiki therapy an attempt if they are feeling dissatisfied with life. I will suggest more than one treatment will be helpful.”

Muriel • Roehampton, London