Jan & Stonington Garden Bouquet

Botanicals by arrangement

My Mother was a master of Ikebana. I learned from her the importance of honoring the seasons, the beauty of a fading color, or a winter branch revealing it’s structure, as much as the exuberance of flowers in their high color and bloom. She created beauty for us growing up, with exquisite arrangements of simplicity and restraint. And like a true master, it looked effortless. I learned just how difficult it was when she agreed to give me lessons.

I can’t remember a time without flowers, but she would also mark a special occasion with a special arrangement. Now I create an arrangement for each Reiki client who comes to me for a treatment. It helps me prepare, and reminds me of my lovely Mother.


Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.


—Gerard de Nerval

Her influence informs my choices, even as I gather armfuls of flowers and branches and fill containers throughout my house with abundant masses. Later when I studied floral design in London, I found the work I enjoyed most was that which reflected the values I learned from her: flowers in their season, and natural in their habit. That being said, I have a raging Victorian character living inside me, and it’s fun to let her out. Flower arranging in this sense is like the hairdressing of gardening, it’s great fun to play!

I enjoy creating arrangements for special people and events.
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